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Tropea: (2 1/2 hours) whit snorkeling and aperitif
North. We go coast to coast to Tropea, first stop at the ruins of an ancient Roman Port Forum Erculis, the water is a deep blue color, and the seabed is sandy stretches and rocky, covered with sea grass.

Along the walls of the ancient walls, there are many species of fish, molluscs, sea anemones and aquatic plants that have made this place their natural habitat, while snorkeling in 2/3 meters of water we will see the starfish, moray eels, octopuses, the pinna nobilis, the spirograph, the sea hares and coral and the feeling will be to swim in an aquarium. We will taste the sea urchins and will give them to the fish that will eat right out of our hands. Second stop, big rock Bay Riaci with its small caves.

Third stop, the Pietraia, where the ancient masons of Tropea fared the grinding stones, here with a short, easy swim we enter into the Skeleton Cave, inside the color of the water takes on wonderful shades due to the light that filters from ‘high and live its magic by running the superstitious ritual auspicious.

Fourth stop, the beautiful view of Tropea to admire it from the sea, the houses built on sheer rock blend with the stone of the cliff and Isola Bella with the Cave of Love is a wonderful frame while sipping a cool drink on board. Return to the Village.

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